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We specialize in trespass fee elk, deer and antelope hunts on private Northwestern Colorado ranches. Elk hunts on our ranches offer many opportunities. Multiple reservoirs on the ranches make for perfect "blind" hunting. Or the muzzleloading elk hunter can "still hunt" or stalk the many canyons and draws, or the open parks and scrub oak, their favorite feeding spots during Colorado hunting seasons.

Colorado muzzleloader elk season goes from later September to the beginning of October, Colorado rifle seasons begin in early October and finish in early November. Muzzleloaders can hunt one or the other season, but you MUST successfully draw a license to hunt the designated Muzzleloading season. Follow the link below to our Home Page, Click on Quality Colorado Hunting Trips. This page will show you success statistics and other elk, deer and antelope hunting information. Scroll down the page and click on Hunter Information Center to explore the different elk, deer and antelope hunting options we offer you on our ranches. Be sure to explore both Muzzleloader AND Rifle information. Or click on any of the links at the bottom of this page.

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